What is pageviews, unique hits and visitors

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I learned that in order to understand the essence of blogging you need to know these basic words. Pageviews, unique hits and visitors. I've read a lot of stuff about it but I can't still understand why are they important. Can someone tell me what are these?

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What is pageviews, unique hits and visitors


Hi Arthur,

I will give you the basic definitions that I know:

Pageviews refer to what a user sees each time a browser opens a new page. It should be clear that a single page view could be comprised of multiple hits since the page could be having several requested files.

Unique hits refers to the number of files requested from a web server when a page loads. Note that a single page load does not always equal to one hit for there might be several files requested in that single load.

A visitor to a page refers to a person accessing a website and there IP address is recorded. So if you access a single web page say five times using the same IP address, you will not have recorded five visits but only a single visit.

Hope this helps.





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