Web Languages/Standards

Web Languages/Standards

What is Cascading Style sheet (CSS) language and what is it used for? What are selectors? What is a CSS Box model? How does CSS help to simplify HTML ?What is specificity? Explain inheritance in the context of CSS? Name some properties which can be inherited in CSS. Name some other properties which cannot be inherited.

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What is HTML 5? Which is its immediate predecessor? With what purpose was HTML 5 introduced? Name some building blocks of HTML 5? Name some new features available in HTML 5? Name some application Programming Interfaces (APIs) associated with HTML 5? Differentiate between Session Storage and local Storage? How are they different from cookies? What is XHTML5?

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What is a Java Script library? Name some of them .How do they help in web development? What are the ways to write object oriented Java Script? What are frameworks? What is AJAX? What is it used for? How does it work? What does the acronym stand for?

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Whenever I log in to use the internet on my Windows operating system, I usually go to the network setting to check the speed of the network. Sometimes, I am presented with the option to choose between IPv4 and IPv6 but I don’t have any idea what these two options mean? Do you get a performance enhancement by choosing one over the other? What specifically does each of these likely protocols do?

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I am building a website where people can go and buy things with their debit or credit cards. I would also like to add an option for customers to pay via PayPal. What steps should I take to achieve this? How long would it take an expert to program a webpage with PayPal functionality embedded in it?

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I am thinking to move my blog from Blogger to Wordpress but I don't want to lose any posts or comments or attached links during this transfer. Is there any way this can be achieved? How? Please advice me if doing so is safe and that I will not face any kind of problem.

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HI guys,

I am a web developer and I am looking for a tool that will help me in coming up with professional websites quickly while achieving the best possible quality. I would also like to be able to create other web services such as blogs and online stores, what I understand is that website x5 evolution 9 is the best tool for this. What I want is for someone to tell me how and where I can acquire the full version. If anyone can help me on this please reply to this post.

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Hi guys,

I am looking to develop a booking calendar website, the problem is my current code seems not to be working the way I want it to, what i would like is a commented booking calendar source code html sample or direct me

to a website that provides such samples that I can review for help on my problem.

I will use this sample to incorporate as many features as possible into my work

If anyone can help me on this please reply to this post.

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Good Day Friends!

I need help from anyone who knows Classic ASP 3.0. I am looking for any Classic ASP report samples. I am new to Classic ASP and I do not know how to create and generate reports from it. If you are an advanced user and you have existing reports, then please share us your expertise and knowledge. I need basic samples of report which I can use as a basis of my own reports. If you can recommend simple tutorials and demo videos for beginners, it will be a great help.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Hi Friends!

I am looking for the best and fastest live traffic feed for Website with Drupal.

I need opinions and suggestions from the experts.

Please help me?

I want a traffic feed in my website but it must be light and free from errors and no other complications.

If you can list down all the traffic feeds you have tried, then it will be great.

I will use your list as my basis on which traffic feed to use but if you can also provide an explanation telling why it is the best to use, then I will follow your advice.

I will be waiting for your responses.

Thank you in advance!

Andrew Word

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