What is meant by ISDN?

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Let me know about ISDN and its goal in communication purposes.

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What is meant by ISDN?


ISDN the abbreviation of Integrated Services Digital Network, it was first developed by ITU-T year 1976. To go detail, ISDN mostly is a set of protocols that deal with transportation services and also managing of digital telephoning.

The idea behind this is to turn audio, video, and text into digitize signal that's transmitted from the network using telephone lines.

ISDN created with the intention of covering a wide area of network and make it easier for universal tools of communication connecting to the digital media.
All of this can be achieved by combining all of separated services that provides transmission into one services with no need to add new links or lines for subscribers.
I hope this can help to understand what is ISDN, if you have further question,
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What is meant by ISDN?


ISDN or the abbreviation of the Internet Services Digital Network is set of standard that is of International standards and created to control the flow of access to every digital public telecommunication network that is advanced.

Most important elements of the definition are:

Voice transmitted from telephone center, the use techniques and standard in order to provide different services, packet-switched data carrier, ISDN transmits and do everything through digital transmission ways, special point-to-point data carrier, and special point-to-point digital carrier.
In Pre-ISDN telephony, there have been little to rare office trunks and some customer who is high capacity can use the digital service.
ISDN created a new way of worldwide digital transmission and switching services using a set of standards, the transmission and services control given to the operating companies and public telecommunications operators.
ISDN has several component functions and parts that is ISDN CHANNELS, DEVICES, ACCESS TYPES, PROTOCOLS, INTERFACES.
A CHANNEL is the basic unit of ISDN service. In ISDN there are 3 commonly used channels: B channels (Bearer channels), D channels (Delta or demand channels), and H channels (High-capacity channels).
There are 2 commonly use access in ISDN: BASIC RATE ACCESS (BRA), PRIMARY RATE ACCESS (PRA).
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What is meant by ISDN?


ISDN mean Integrated Services Digital Network.

It is an international communication standard. It's purpose is to send voice,video, data over digital telephone lines as well as normal telephone wires. ISDN supports data transfer rates of 64 kbps or 64000 bits per second.

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