How to connect PC in LAN

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I have 16 PCs in my working ground. I want to connect them through LAN.

I don’t know anything about networking and PC connections.

What type of wire can I buy.

How to make a cable?

Are there any different patterns on them? Can I personally connect my PC’s?

It will be a great help.


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How to connect PC in LAN

If you want to make a Local Area Network you must know about different types of wires, its connection, how to connect them in switch etc. First about a switch, you can buy different types of switch. But if you want stability you have to buy a branded one. I will recommend you about TPLink.
Next, about the cable there are two types of them. First one is CAT5 and the second one is CAT6. If your connection area is not so large then you can use CAT5. Because the price of CAT6 is 1.5-2x of the CAT5.
But in CAT6 no transmission late will not occur for large cable. After that about your cable connection there are three types of connection.
1. Crossover
2. Straight
3. Rollover.
For crossover cable you must use it in the PC-PC connection. That is not for you. You want to connect switch-PC for that you have to use straight-through connection. There are 8 pieces of wires in a cable. If you connect in any configuration in one side you must have to use the same configuration in other side.
That’s how you will make a straight cable. All done now. 
Connect your PC through the switch and enjoy.
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How to connect PC in LAN

Mr. Simon Howdy's,
The very first thing you need is a central connecting device that is simply a ‘LAN switch’. Buy a switch having 16 or more ports. As far as the cable is concerned twisted pair cable CAT6 (category 6) is best for LAN connections.
It has 8 cables of different colors inside and needs RJ-45 connectors on both sides so you will need 32 connectors accordingly. For connection between PC and switch straight cable will be used which means on both sides color sequence is same. See diagram 1.
For connecting computer see the 2nd diagram.

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