Comparison of Laptop between Notebook

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I am using a Laptop. I do not know about Notebook. Some one asked me what is Laptop between Notebook?

Now can you tell me what is Laptop and Notebook?

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Comparison of Laptop between Notebook


Laptops and Notebook have similar origins and use but differ in terms of size and functional capacity, speed etc.

Laptops mostly come in handy sizes ranging from the large briefcase sizes to small handy portables usually weighs 2-18 pounds (around 1 to 8 kilograms). They are usually associated with higher processing power than notebooks. The main manufacturer of laptop in the global market are HP, Dell, Lenovo.

While Notebooks usually come in the sizes of real notebooks to the near PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) sizes.

Notebooks nowadays come in laptop configurations too, but the size factor wears off as it becomes more powerful, and the sense of notebook is gone. The main manufacturer of laptop in the global market are Sony, Toshiba, Dell

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Comparison of Laptop between Notebook


Please there is a huge difference between a Laptop and a note book.

The notebooks are not heavy and are extremely light in weight and thus can be carried easily from one place to the other. One should always look for a notebook which is light in weight as this will increase its functionality. The notebooks are thin also and have a low profile. One cannot play DVDs and CDs in notebooks and they also do not have an internal floppy disk. The graphic subsystem of the notebooks is also minimal. The modem on these notebooks is integrated with the system and one can use network connections if they need to connect to the internet. Usually the screen of a notebook varies between 12” to 14”and it has a small keyword which is functional.

1. Having discussed the main features of a notebook, we can now talk about the difference between laptop and notebook. Laptop when compared to the notebook is bigger in size. One can easily work on the laptop and can place them on their lap when working and this is what the name of the same also suggests. There are several features in a laptop and it is a very powerful system especially when compared to a notebook. The basic difference between laptop and notebook is that of the weight. A laptop is always heavier than a notebook and they are also bigger in size. They have a graphic subsystem unlike the notebook and they also have an internal DVD-RW drive which is absent in a notebook. If one needs to use a CD or a DVD in a notebook they are required to attach an external CD Rom drive using a cable. Apart from this they have an integrated modem and WiFi and network capabilities. The speakers in the laptops are integrated with the system and are of very high quality. These also have a battery life of nearly 2 hours whereas a notebook has a battery life of around 4-5 hours.

2. Another difference between laptop and notebook that one will notice is that of the keyboard as the keyboard of a laptop is bigger and is easier to use for the user. The screen of a laptop ranges from 14” to 17” and one can always choose the one that they are more comfortable using. The laptops are easily upgradeable which not the case with the notebooks is.

3. Last but not least, when one looks at a laptop and a notebook they might think they are similar but as per the above discussion there is a difference between laptop and notebook and this comes from the size and the features of both the systems. Both are suited to be used by the user who works on the move but the difference between the two comes from the functions and the use of both the systems. The choice will always depend on the use of the user.

        I hope with this little view, I may be considered. Thanks for your  effective cooperation.

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