Appearing Error Message On Windows XP

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After A lot of trying i am unable to install windows xp in my computer, Many times appears error message "Windows cannot copy the file and cannot install" Press F3 to quiet and Enter to restart.  I cannot install the operating system due to the error message.  What can i do now???

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Appearing Error Message On Windows XP


Windows XP Installation Problem

If you are receiving errors occasionally during the installation of Windows XP it does not mean that there is a problem in your installation disk or in your hardware, sometimes error occurs with the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) settings. But off course consider them all on your troubleshooting method.

First is to check your installation disk if the disk doesn’t have scratches. Scratches make the data stored on that area not readable on your optical drive.

It is also important that your installation is the original installation from the provider. Sometimes pirated operating system contains error on the installation file so you must avoid using pirated software or installation disk. You might get also a virus on pirated software specially operating systems.

Sometimes memory problem is one of the causes of error during installation. A blue crash might be encountered or an error message saying can not read on memory or some file cannot be extracted because installation disk uses the memory to extract files.

Off course the number one factor is the storage. If the storage contains bad blocks where that block was use for extraction of data, you might received or encounter and error installation of your operating system.

Another factor is the SATA AHCI Mode settings on your BIOS. AHCI which stands for Advanced Host Controller Interface is compatible only in Windows Vista or higher version of Microsoft Operating System. So if you are installing a Windows XP in that mode, you will not be successful so change the settings to SATA Mode so that you may proceed on the next level of your installation.

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Appearing Error Message On Windows XP


If you are facing problem in copying files and installing windows. First of all we may go into the BIOS and make sure the Boot is at priority.

There will be two priorities:-  First Boot Option:- SATA: HL-DT-STDVD+-RW GSA-H31L

                                       Second Boot Option:- UEFI: HL-DT-STDVD+-RW GSA-H31L

We can choose SATA or UEFI for each option.

Please keep this thing in mind that we set the BIOS to AHCI not to SATA, or we can shutdown our PC and need to check that connectors are properly connected including power and then again start the PC. We need to be in AHCI instead of IDE mode in BIOS.

Please Check the BIOS and make sure that SATA controller is not connected to AHCI but connected to ATA or else computer would not able to see the drive when we will install XP.

During booting we need to press F10 which in turn open new dos type of window, then select "SYSTEM CONFIGURATION" command. After doing this then "DISABLE" the "SATA NATIVE SUPPORT". Once you done with this press F10 again to save the changes.

You can also check the installation disk whether there is any scratches or not. If yes then change the disk and start the process of installation again. Sometimes the CD ROM may be defected. In this case we need to arrange the bootable pen-drive through which we can install the windows following steps.

If you have any queries please send the message.

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Appearing Error Message On Windows XP


Well 1st check your BIOS and see if the problem is still continuing.
If it's continuing then you can try  booting your windows XP from a USB device like- pendrive
To do  this install —  "Bootable USB drive creator tool 1.0".This will help you to make your pendrve a bootable one.
Install the software then insert the pendrive.Then make it a bootable one and then copy all the window XP installation files in the pendrive.Now check  your boot options that if the 1st boot device is a USB device or not.If not then select the 1st boot device as USB.Now restart your PC with your pendrive plugged in.Now (when the PC is starting)press any key to Boot.
Then install Windows.
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Appearing Error Message On Windows XP


There might be problem in the disk

some laptops are build in with windows7 in which windows XP cannot be installed.

Again in some laptops with the help of motherboard disk windows XP can be installed.

Also I recommend you do not connect your computer to the internet until the installation complete.

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