How to connect laptop Hard Drive to a Desktop Computer

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I have a HP ZE4560US laptop which won't boot . I have lot of important files on the Hard drive . I want to get that files.does anyone know of a way to connect that laptop hard to desktop computer (Dell inspiron 570) . Any help would be appreciated.

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How to connect laptop Hard Drive to a Desktop Computer


.. I john Pole,

Let me know you that not require to worried because you can connect your hard drive with your desktop computer.

First  you have to connect your laptop hard drive with your  desktop computer by using a adopter which is called Laptop IDE Hard Drive Adaptor. This adopter is helpful if a laptop hard drive has failed and recover data from it.

Let me know you that on a laptop hard drive there are 2 groups of pins. One group has 43 pins and the other has 4 pins. The pin 1 is located on the side closer to the group of 4 pins. when you connect your laptop IDE adapter, your desktop IDE cable and your laptop hard drive to each other, make sure to connect pin 1 on the hard drive, pin 1 on the desktop IDE cable to pin 1 on the adapter. On a desktop IDE cable the side painted in red goes to pin 1.

After you have assembled everything together, Please connect the IDE cable to a desktop PC safely. You need to connect it to a free IDE connector on the system board. When you start your computer, you should see the laptop drive in BIOS and in Windows. You can treat this drive as a regular hard drive.

For you better understanding.. I have attached some photos.  .. I think it will help you.

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How to connect laptop Hard Drive to a Desktop Computer


Dear John Pole,

Don’t it’s a very simple matter. Of course you will get your all data unharmed.. I am giving you two convenient procedures to connect your laptop (HP ZE560US) hard drive to your desktop computer (Dell inspiron 570).

1.  You can connect the laptop hard drive internally via a 2.5” to 3.5” IDE interface (Integrated Drive Electronics) or Serial Attachment “SATA” interface adopter converter.

2. Another way is by externally connecting the laptop hard drive using IDE or SATA interface enclosure via Universal Serial Bus “USB” cable.

First, turn off your laptop and take out the hard drive after removing the battery. Check the laptop hard drive if the interface is “IDE” or “SATA” interface. If you use the IDE or SATA interface enclosure via Universal Serial Bus cable, please follow steps 1 to STEP 2. If you use 2.5” to 3.5” IDE or SATA interface adapter converter please go for STEP 3 to STEP 4.


Connect the laptop hard drive to the IDE/SATA enclosure adapter after uncovering it. Put the laptop hard drive in the IDE/SATA enclosure. Firmly connect them both. Close the cover of the IDE/SATA enclosure, and then connect the USB cable in the enclosure.


The IDE/SATA enclosure is a plug and play device. Then, you can connect it to the USB port on the desktop computer and laptop. After rebooting you can browse tour laptop hard drive.


Attach the 2.5” to 3.5” IDE/SATA hard disk adapter converter to the laptop hard drive. Make sure that the connected laptop hard disk to the converter is tightly connected. Also connect the 4-pin peripheral power connector. Now connect the IDE/SATA adapter cable to the Motherboard’s IDE connector or SATA connector. Place the laptop hard drive inside the desktop computer.


Give power supply to your desktop. Check the laptop hard drive using “BIOS” to detect, test and initialize hard drive. Now, you can access your files or data in your laptop hard drive through your desktop computer.

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