What I see in my computer screen is blue screen.

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Today I was playing Dragon Age 2 and suddenly what I see in my computer screen was blue screen, there was no text just blue screen and computer just stopped working.

After restart it started working as before but don’t know why it happened.

Does anybody know the cause?

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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What I see in my computer screen is blue screen.


Dear Don,

I experienced something similar on my laptop some time ago when playing some games. It usually happened when I was running games that stretched out my gpu's capabilities to its max. at the time I was barely running Dragon Age 1 on minimum res.

And after the system rebooted it was all good again.

Nothing to worry about, it is just something that happens if the system sort of "blows its own lid"

Let me know if the problem persists or starts happening too often though.

I don't know your system specs so I cannot comment more specifically. But it is no big deal.

Keep playing and enjoy

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What I see in my computer screen is blue screen.


Hello Muench,

If you have not performed a Windows Update on your computer recently, then there could be outdated drivers on your computer that are causing it to malfunction. Do the following:

  • On your computer click Start, and then click Control Panel. Or you can just go to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel, you will need to double – Click Windows Update. Or  you can click System and Maintenance, and then click Windows Update.
  • In case  the window that opens says Windows is up to date, you will need to go to the "Check for and install updated drivers from your computer manufacturer: section. Or if Windows finds updates, just click Install.



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