Acer Screen displays flickering gray

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Hi there,

I have this Acer Monitor 22" screen, it was working well in the morning when suddenly it started flickering and  went gray, I switched it off and then on again, but the flickering did not stop, I plugged the computer to another screen and it is displaying okay, what could be the problem? How can I make my screen work again?

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Acer Screen displays flickering gray


Hi !

The first solution is that you change the cables with other new ones.

The second solution look if there are not any electromagnetically interferences with your monitor and remove them.

The third change your refresh rate of your monitor to 60 Hz, 75 Hz or even 80 Hz.

Fourth option Degauss your monitor from the main menu of monitor.

If those fourth options don't work go to your monitor to an authorized service to replace some capacitors which are dry.

To see how to change you refresh rate to your monitor follow the picture:


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Acer Screen displays flickering gray


That sudden flickering on your monitor is a sign that an electronic component inside is a little but loose or starting to fail. Don’t try to disassemble the monitor and fix it yourself because it may result to burning or frying of other electronic component. If your computer is working fine with a different monitor, it means the current monitor you are using that started flickering needs servicing.

If the product is still in warranty, you can bring it to its service center to service it. On the other hand, if the warranty is over, just bring it to any electronic service center for proper servicing. That problem can still be fixed.

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