What is HDMI and DVI port-info.

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I am creating an website on information related to various process including IT and for this purpose I have been digging through various IT related features. There has been one thing that I need to know now. It is about HDMI and DVI port. I really need to know about this features and their functions. Should someone know of their use and functions please kindly inform me.

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What is HDMI and DVI port-info.



DVI: Digital Video Interface                            

HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface         


DVI is a popular form of video interface technology which maximize the quality of LCD monitors and video grpahics card. It is high quality interface until recently HDMI.

HDMI is newer than DVI technology.

DVI digital, DVI analog, DVI integrated are the three types of DVI Connections.

on the other hadn HDMI is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting encrypted uncompressed digital data.

HDMI are five types depending on the pin numbers. type a, type b, type c, type d and type e.


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