Wi Fi Range Extender is not working (NETGEAR)

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Hi! I bought Wi Fi extender for my house, the one that you have to plug to electrical outlet. I located it close to router at first and installed driver, everything was successful, but then I located it in the place that I actually needed it and it couldn't find signal from the router, even though it was not really far. I tried to plug it in every socket and it worked only in ones that are near router. I don't want to return it, may there is a way to fix it? 

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Wi Fi Range Extender is not working (NETGEAR)


First of all, are you sure your wireless router is working properly? When you try to connect to the internet through a laptop, for example, farther away, are you able to? If not, it might be a problem with your router.

Otherwise, please note that the best place to place your wi fi range extender is halfway between your router and your computer or laptop. There must be a clear line of sight between your router and your extender.

For your more information, please try the following link:


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