What is Error 3 in Avast?

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Hi Experts,

What is Error 3 in Avast? I received an error message regarding Setup Selfextract “An error 3 (00000003) has occurred Last performed operation was: spawning” while installing Avast Antivirus. A screenshot of the above mentioned error message is attached herewith.

Please help to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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What is Error 3 in Avast?



The error happened because your previous installation of Avast was corrupted. To solve this you have to download the file from the link below. Restart your computer and put it in safe mode, click start button then run, type aswclear.exe, remove/delete the previous Avast on your computer, restart your computer, then install it again.


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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What is Error 3 in Avast?


Error 3 in Avast usually occurs when you have a previously installed Avast program which is already corrupted, and then you try to install a new copy of Avast in your system. Here is a simple fix to get this problem solved:
Go to this site: https://www.avast.com/uninstall-utility download the Avast uninstall tool/utility.
Make sure to not change the download default folder so you can easily go to it later on.
After downloading it, turn your system off and start it in Safe Mode.
Execute the Avast Uninstall tool.
Restart your computer back to normal mode.
Reinstall your Avast program.

You should no longer get this error.

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What is Error 3 in Avast?


Dear User,

You can fix this problem simply by downloading a newer version.

When you download a newer version of Avast make sure you download a version which is compatible with your Operating System.

And completely remove any Antivirus systems on your computer before you proceed with this installation.

Thank you

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What is Error 3 in Avast?


Just do the following and get solved:

1. Download any Avast Uninstall Tool/ Utility

2. Start your Windows in Safe Mode

3. Run the Uninstall Tool ( .exe file)

Remember: Did you install the Avast Antivirus in a different folder than the default? If yes, browse for it and be careful because the content of any folder you will choose must be deleted.

4. Click on Remove

5. Restart your computer

6. Re-install Avast Antivirus

I think your problem has been solved.



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What is Error 3 in Avast?


Hello, this is a simple problem.

1. Download the latest Avast Software

2. Restart Your Computer

3. Install the Program

You can also contact Avast if still your program does not install

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