Is jdbgmgr.exe a computer virus?

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Is jdbgmgr. exe a computer virus? What does it do?

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Is jdbgmgr.exe a computer virus?

Hi Kamrani David,
That's a very wise question to ask. Jdbgmgr.exe is not a virus but rather a Microsoft debugger registrar for Java. You may get a hoax message anyway telling you to delete the file as a virus but you need to delete it using the following steps:
  1. Go to Start > Search.
  2. In the Files or folder options' write the name 'jdbgmgr.exe'.
  3. Ensure your search in the Drive 'C'.
  4. Click 'Find now'.
  5. If the virus is in there (bear-like icon with name jdbgmgr.exe). DON'T OPEN FOR ANY REASON.
  6. Right-click and delete it.
  7. Go to recycle bin and delete it.
The jdbgmgr should not be deleted for any reason.


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Is jdbgmgr.exe a computer virus?



The file 'jdbmgr.exe' is a Microsoft debugger registrar for Java that is automatically installed every time, Microsoft Windows is installed on your computer. This file is found on Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP only. This file allows Java applets to function properly in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

This file is mistaken as a computer virus “commonly called the teddy bear virus” because of hoax e-mails. Though it is possible that this file can be infected by a virus it is not recommended to delete this file as it is a valid system file.

Now if you received an email saying that you should delete the jdbgmgr.exe file, ignore it and just delete the email. jdbmgr.exe is usually located in C:windowssystem32 or C:winntsystem32s


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Is jdbgmgr.exe a computer virus?


Hello Kamrani David,

Although jdbgmgr. exe has been mistaken for a computer virus by some people, it is in real sense a ms windows file which acts as the debugger registrar for the Java program, and it is otherwise known as the Java debugger manager. The jdbgmgr just turns out to be the short form of Java debugger manager which has been mistaken.

So you should not be scared about using the Java debugger manager for thinking that it is a virus. It is a program that you can use for Java programming.


Clair Charles

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