What effect does this have to the text?

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The character spacing tab options under the menu Format > Fonts. The scale has been set at 200%. What effect does this have to the text?

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What effect does this have to the text?



Microsoft Word has been a great tool for word processing. In fact, it is a tool more than a word processor it helps us in many different tasks. The scale option under format menu and font menu produces various data formats and when the value at scale option is set to 200% the data is written by an open hand rather than being very congested.

Its  effect can also be seen under the same tab. As soon as someone changes its value to 100% i.e. its default value the preview changes and shows relatively data written in a congested form.

Although this option seems less important in English text, its ultimate effect can be clearly seen while typing in other languages. In a nut shell it is self explanatory and its vivid effect can be observed on the preview available on the same tab.

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