MS office 2007- Microsoft word causing trouble

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I have a ms word 2007 file on my desktop and it is not opening. Each time I click on this it shows a certain error message which I do not understand. I tried to delete the file but it is not getting deleted either. Please someone tell me what to do about this problem. Could it be a virus issue.

Benjamin Morgan

Microsoft Office Excel Security Notice

Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern.

Warning: The digital signature is valid, but the signature is from a publisher whom you have
not yet chosen to trust.
File Path: C:WindowsInstaller{90120000-0030-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}wordicon.exe
This application add-in has been disabled. Add-ins might contain viruses or other security
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MS office 2007- Microsoft word causing trouble

Hello Benjamin,
I have read your concern regarding your MS word file. According to the error message, it obviously says that the file is corrupted by virus. It can either be fixed but has a bigger chance of removing it without making use of the contents because you will not be able to see it anymore.
Does your computer have an antivirus program?
If not, try solving the problem by checking security system via Windows Security Essentials. You may scan the entire system and remove all possible threats.
If not perfectly done, this is the time you need to install an antivirus with its latest update for you to include fix the latest virus information. You can purchase licensed Antivirus on any computer seller at your place. This will surely help you fix the problem.
I hope this information is of good help.
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MS office 2007- Microsoft word causing trouble



You should at first make a copy of the file. There is a possibility that the file is infected by virus. If it is infected by virus then it will cause many problems in your system. You should use your antivirus program which may remove the file. So, beware of that. Follow the following steps and there is less possibility that you can fix the problem. But you should give a try.

Install any antivirus program and then scan the file you want to open. After scan, choose the repair options which will allow you to make the file available to open.

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MS office 2007- Microsoft word causing trouble


Techyv was really lucky to have you, Marienade Mali . Thank you very much. To solve this problem I downloaded the latest avast antivirus program. I performed a full system scan, it only took for about 2-3 hours. The threats was detected by avast. Reboot the system. I can use again Ms Word.


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