What does mean WS, AS and ES in Red Linux?

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Any one can tell me the meaning of WS, AS, ES in Linux ?

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What does mean WS, AS and ES in Red Linux?


Hi Marty,

This is a very nice question to know about RHEL. WS mean Workstation of Linux OS, AS mean Advance Server  and ES base on the Enterprise Server on Linux OS. Actually Red Hat provides a bootable CD with all the package for WS, AS, ES. When you install your OS, just need to choose packages depend on your requirements.

Jafet Windsor

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What does mean WS, AS and ES in Red Linux?


In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, WS,  AS and ES are the different variants of the RHEL distros that are available for computer systems.

WS: Work Station

ES: Entry-level Server

AS: Advanced Server

As the name suggests ES the lowest end of the server variables with very low system configurations and is used for entry-level servers only. Whereas, WS and AS are high-end server variants which have better configurations.

AS is usually used in high-end servers which have more than 2 CPU's at their disposal.

ES is used in those low-end servers which have only 2 CPU's.

There is one more variant which is called as the Desktop. This is intended for those systems which are in use by individuals or are used for home purposes. This is the lower version of WS.

So, in a nutshell, WS and Desktop are used for Desktop environments where as the ES and AS are used for more extensive server application which cater to multiple requests on the network.

Tejaswi Khanna

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