What is the difference between Modula 2 and Pascal

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What can be the pronunciation of HerrWirth’s name? How can the Modula 2 fit to language zoo? What is the difference between Modula 2 and Pascal. Any idea about ISO standard Modula 2?

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What is the difference between Modula 2 and Pascal


Hi Jaxon,

Herr Wirth’s name is pronounced as veart and not worth. Modula 2 is the descendant of Pascal and Modula. It is also a predecessor of Modula-2+, Modula-2* and other object oriented languages. The latter are merely notations in the same family with stronger and weaknesses within their own.

Modula 2 have their own compiled library which uses less blocks than Pascal. Its identifiers are case sensitive and they do not have a go-to label. Their I/O is not built in rather in the libraries. They have more versatile statements like IF and more facilities for concurrent programming are present.


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What is the difference between Modula 2 and Pascal


Hello Jaxon,

Modula 2 is actually designed in a set format. It can fit in language zoo because we also can represent it in language format. Module 2 is an improved form of Pascal and Modula. Modula is also a form of Pascal. In Modula 2 the concept of Module developed in a better form and this supports multi-programming. In Modula 2 there are some new elements inserted and the ambiguity problems removed from so many sections.

ISO Modula 2 have some better features like it is few times more faster and occupies little space, easy to read and write and as it is a module styled language than it is easy to change and debug.

Thank you,

Riley Weaver.

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What is the difference between Modula 2 and Pascal


Modula-2 or simply Modula 2 is a programming language designed and developed by Niklaus Wirth at the ETH Zurich or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich between 1977 and 1985. It is actually a revision of the Pascal programming language to act as the sole programming language for the application software and operating system for the Lilith personal workstation.

It is a general purpose procedural language suitably flexible to perform systems programming except with much broader application. Niklaus Wirth sees it as a successor to his previous programming languages Modula and Pascal. Much of its syntax is based on his Pascal programming language.

Modula-2 was designed roughly similar to Pascal only with some syntactic ambiguities and elements removed and the significant addition of the “module” concept as well as direct language support for multiprogramming. Below is an example of a source code:

FROM STextIO IMPORT WriteString;
WriteString(“Hello World!”);
END Hello.

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