Compilation of Turbo Program by Interplatform Pascal

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Hello everyone

Can anyone tell me how to compile my Turbo program through Interplatform Pascal? Is Interplatform Pascal compatible with Turbo program?



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Compilation of Turbo Program by Interplatform Pascal


It was seen that there was dramatic simplification for porting to a particular language after the creation of a few Turbo Pascal "units" that support program porting.

Other Pascals can also perhaps be used to undergo identical procedures. Unfortunately, as they are just rapid porting aids, these pascals also has the limitation of not having the full compatibility with the language.

Interplatform Pascal is compatible with Turbo program. To work under a specific IP, there would be minor efforts involved to modify the required programs. Another point to note is that porting by making use of these units would not allow the program to take complete advantages of all features that an IP can provide. It would rather be considered as a beginning step in the whole process of fully porting a program to give IP.

It seems IP will continue to have the limitation of not having the full ability to equalize the machine dependent features for a considerable amount of Pascal implementations, as they are focused on being languages that are not linked to any specific operating system or hardware.

The future perhaps could be in development of portable Pascal languages and portable Pascal compilers as shown of the current failures of many single machine or hardware based Pascals.

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