Hi expert, I am studying software coding. I am new to this field. I need some Pascal Bitmap Codes and Scripts.I am using Apple MacBook. Suggest some Codes and Scripts. And send some valuable tutorial explanations about Pascal.

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Hello Guys,

I use a network and to find out what is in the network I
need to run a ping test. But the network I use does not have this facility.
However I use windows xp. So please answer with a solution for ping sweep windows script.

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Good morning, am looking for encryption library that can work with DelphiCrypt XE2

And unicode strings for both 64 and 32 bits, I want to store data into a database.

I found some open source library that written by David Barton but unfortunately it's not suitable for DelphiXE2.


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Hello Experts,

How to create ATM machine in Pascal coding? I know an ATM machine codes are so hard to understand and figure it out using a Pascal coding technique but I just want to know some related ATM machine software program as a basis to create my own small ATM machine as a project. I hope you can give me some sample codes or any tutorial to get this done.

Thank you.

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Just a few question about Pascal programming language. I want to make a study about this as part of my project. Is there any sample codes in the internet that gives full coding method on how to make an ATM machine? Give me some links Or just related algorithm use to develop an ATM software machine. I need your help, thanks.

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When compiling 'portw' in freePascal for DOS, where can I get a list of the files that I need to include in compiling?

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Hello everyone

Can anyone tell me how to compile my Turbo program through Interplatform Pascal? Is Interplatform Pascal compatible with Turbo program?



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what is the difference between using ":" and ";"  in TPW program and is it  obligatory to use it?

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I just have a simple question as my assignment.

I want to know why does Pascal Programming is named after Blaze Pascal and not to its original developer who is Niklaus Wirth?

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What can be the pronunciation of HerrWirth’s name? How can the Modula 2 fit to language zoo? What is the difference between Modula 2 and Pascal. Any idea about ISO standard Modula 2?

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