Need certain combination information for purchasing new pc

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I need to know about certain combination which will help me purchasing pc. I want to buy a core i5 processor pc and I want the maximum graphics and solid out  put or over all maximum performance from it. I need to know the configurations which will help me to get the perfect configuration for my pc. Kindly someone inform me ASAP.

Jubert Bridges

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Need certain combination information for purchasing new pc



Hi Jubert Bridges,

 Since your building a PC with a Core-i5 processor then I suggest you buy a LGA 1155 socket motherboard. Ofcourse, don’t forget a Core-i5 processor which is LGA 1155. For the motherboard, I suggest buying a motherboard with the Z68 chipset. It takes advantage of your processor’s integrated graphics. Besides that, it supports SLI and Crossfire which is capable of using dual video cards at once. I suggest Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z for your motherboard, and Core i5-2550K  for your processor. For more details, specifications, and support lists of the motherboard, refer to this link

For the case, stick with the renown brands like Coolermaster, Aerocool, Antec, etc. Now with the power supply unit, I suggest you also go with PSU’s having the “80+” mark. And lastly the GPU’s, if you’re gonna choose SLI or Nvidia, then go with the GEFORCE GTX Series, but if you’re gonna choose Crossfire or ATI, then go with Radeon HD 6000 or 7000 series. Either of the two, I’m sure you will have a truly high-end PC.


>>Mathew Joni<<

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