Western Digital produces great hard drives

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Hey! Just asking.. What are other products of Western Digital aside from the newest product that they produced which is the WD VelociRaptor? Thanks.

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Western Digital produces great hard drives


Western Digital has various storage devices which are very useful. The following are some examples:

External Storages:

Desktop Type:

My Book Essential – This is a very simple to use type of storage with the WD SmartWare backup program and for protecting passwords. It supports USB 2.0 and 3.0 with maximum capacity of 3 Terabyte.

Portable External Storage:

My Passport – This is a high-capacity portable drive. It supports USB 3.0 fast connectivity, backups, protecting passwords and encrypting hardware to protect it from illegal usage.

Network Storage:

WD Sentinel DX4000 – This is a storage server used in some offices that gives compact storage, protecting data and accessing files remotely for employees and trusted vendors that can be used in an office, at home or anywhere.

My Book Live Duo – This contains two drives that has shared storage used on home network that is connected to a router. This is best for storing media files for easy access.

Home Entertainment:
WD TV Live Hub – You can watch your own videos, play your favorite music, add pictures, play online games and more on the comfort of your own living room. And this can also stream videos on your TV or PC.


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Western Digital produces great hard drives



Aside from the Western Digital’s Velociraptor, that has a spin speed of 10,000 rpm, they have three more in their product line namely, the Caviar Blue, the Caviar Green, and the Caviar Black.

The Caviar Blue which has a spin speed of 7, 200 rpm is primarily developed to balance speed, noise, and power consumption without sacrificing its performance.  It sits between the company’s high-end Caviar Black and the slower but savings-oriented Caviar Green.

The Greens on the other hand is designed mainly to promote eco-friendliness in this category. It runs very cool and quiet but dropping its spin speed to 5,400 rpm. It is an effective solution to servers, PCs, and HTPCs who are looking to cut on electric bill expenses because of its low power usage.

The top end Caviar Black has its focus on delivering the most performance you can get in the Caviar line up. It is comparable to the Velociraptors but has lower spin speed of 7,200 rpm.  

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