What data types are used in IRIS Explorer?

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I intend to make a module without a code in ‘C’ and ‘Fortran’.

I also need assistance on how to initiate IRIS Explorer in run time mode.

Can anyone give me information concerning the data types used in IRIS Explorer?

Please also help me understand the module builder.

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What data types are used in IRIS Explorer?


Hi Grace Caldwell,

There are total two parts of your questions and I have answered them in two parts:

Part 1: IRIS Explorer has total five standard data types which are Parameter, Lattice, Pyramid, Geometry and Pick.

Part 2: The module builder is a tool. This tool helps to create IRIS Explorer in UNIX environment. Using Module builder you can create a user function, define include files, define libraries for the module, Create Make files, define data input, define output ports, function argument specifications, links to ports, build environment configuration and building and installing the modules.

Please let me know my answer help or you need more details.



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