Problems with Poco Mail 2 5?

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Good Day Guys!

I have downloaded the Poco Mail 2 5 which is said to be a powerful email program. I want to try it but I’m having difficulty in setting up my account. Can anyone please provide a simple tutorial on the basic set up of Poco Mail account using the version 2.5? If you are an advanced and long time user of Poco mail, it will be very helpful if you can share your experiences and the problems you encountered when using Poco Mail. Your sharing will be a big help to all of us. Thanks.

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Problems with Poco Mail 2 5?



All of sudden PocoMail started to display HTML source code in most, but not all of my incoming HTML messages instead of the decoded contents, resulting in almost unreadable emails (and thus an unusable email program). The only option I had was to startup my previously used email client (Calypso) again. 
Because of this lack of support, I decided to perform some tests myself. 
My regular OS is Win2k Pro SP3, but I also have a WinXP Pro SP1 test system installed, so I renamed the PocoMail directory (which is on a separate "D" partition) and installed PocoMail on WinXP (on the "D" partition), erased the newly created PocoMail folder and renamed the original folder back, resulting in one PocoMail installation that can be used from both Win2k and WinXP. 

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