My Contact List is Missing in Eudora 7.1

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Yesterday afternoon, I have experienced an operating system crash and replaced the faulty operating system with Windows XP. Previously, I was using Eudora 6.2 as email client and now I installed newer version Eudora 7.1.  After installing newer version, I have replaced all the folders and necessary files from my old Eudora setting folder.

I get back every feature perfectly except the contact list. There was more then 500 address in my contact list. I thought that I would get it fixed by installing previous version again and do so. Bad news is contact list is still missing.

Please help me, I don’t want to type all the addresses again.


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My Contact List is Missing in Eudora 7.1


I think your address book files are missing or have been deleted. Navigate to Start > My Computer > C drive (system partition) >Program Files >Qualcomm >Eudora and look fornndbase.txt and nndbase.toc files. These are the default files of address book for Eudora.

Please be noted that if you have not created any address entries within the default address book, you would not have these files. So, in case you created extra address books, search for the .txt files in the subfolder named 'nickname' and move all those files to the same corresponding folders on Eudora 7.1 folder. If you cannot find the above files, you can decide that the files have been deleted and need recovery software to find that.

Hope this will work.

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My Contact List is Missing in Eudora 7.1


I don’t think you will still be able to retrieve all your contacts back because you reinstalled Microsoft Windows and installed a fresh copy of the email client without first backing up the contacts list in the previous installation.

Even if your operating system crashed, you can still find a way to boot it again and back up everything in your computer before installing a new copy of the operating system. Next time before reinstalling your email client, back up your contacts list and other data so you can restore them back on the new installation.

Eudora is an email client developed by Steve Dorner in 1988 used in the classic Mac OS and OS X as well as the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supported several palmtop computing platforms like the Palm OS and Newton. The software was open sourced in 2018 by the Computer History Museum after years of being out of print.

The email client was named after American author Eudora Welty because of her short story “Why I Live at the P.O.” For users who want to try it, you can download Eudora This, I think, is the latest stable version because all succeeding versions were all beta versions until it got discontinued.

For a good reading about the Eudora email client, visit The Eudora Email Client Source Code.

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