What is the better Antivirus software?

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I am looking for the best antivirus software and with so many choices I'm not sure which is the best?

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What is the better Antivirus software?



Everyone may got their own point of view, but according to my personal experience and so many reviews I would suggest you Kaspersky Antivirus.

That is the best antivirus so far in 2011 because of its too many excellent features. It provides complete and perfect application vulnerability detection. Then using minimum resources of your system it works really fast. Got its built in identity theft protection and provides you the option to  scan online sites and different software to keep your PC safe from every type of viruses.

Because of all of the above safe and protective features i would recommend Kaspersky Antivirus.

It will definitely keep you Pc safe and fast.


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What is the better Antivirus software?


There are best Antivirus available in the market today, free or paid for the service. But it is much better to use the premium Antivirus software with a monthly subscription because you'll get to blame them once the software is not doing its job.

Premium Anti-virus software updates their product almost every minutes, hours and days. This gives you an advantage of the new virus created because they'll be able to identify the problem and find a remedy to fix the issue.

A good Antivirus software updates all the time, does not slow down computer performance and it won't interrupt with other application installed.

AVG Anti-virus

All these security software promised better protection, but you'll need to consider the specification of your computer. One of them might have large files when installed, and your computer can't accommodate this added program installed. And this might cause a bigger problem, so you better study and find out if the software you'll about to install, your computer meets all requirements.

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What is the better Antivirus software?


There are many antivirus software available these days, but we need to find the best and most efficient one. The following is a list of the antivirus's that provide the best protection for your computer:

1. Avast! Antivirus – It has real-time features such as e-mail, web, P2P, IM,and a lot more. The latest version has an internet site ratings plugin, sandboxing function and script malware protection.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials – It is good for removing malwares. It removes virus threats and updates automatically.

3. Panda Cloud Antivirus – It is also good for removing malwares and removes threats and updates automatically. It is very good at detecting viruses.

Those are just my three favourite antivirus software. You can also try Avira Antivirus Personal Edition, AVG Antivirus Free Edition, Comodo Antivirus, etc.

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