I am facing Antivirus Software Error

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I am facing problem in Antivirus. Anyone knows the solution.


License expiration alert

Antivirus software error

Antivirus not found on this computer

You have requested the function that requires installed antivirus software

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I am facing Antivirus Software Error


Hello Dylan

Well this is a very common problem when your antivirus is expiring or expired. well antivirus programs are very essential to the computer cause you might not know when a virus will be infecting the computer. And really it depends on your computer from serious crashes. It's kind of a scare tactic yet is very true, if your pc was damaged  due to a virus you will really feel it,  for when a virus strikes and the PC is not prepared then that's the end.

By the way the program didn't insist that you are the one who request to install the program. You are trying to run a program, I don't know what, but that program in order to work needs the antivirus.

As stated "You've REQUESTED the FUNCTION that REQUIRES installed anti virus software" meaning the program only runs if you have the antivirus software. Just to clarify. Well you could also download other antivirus software's but not sure if the program will run though. Or you could just install it.


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I am facing Antivirus Software Error


SorryDylanbut this is not a MISLEADING ALERT of the Privacy Center (maybe what you mean is Windows Security Center). Windows Security Center always pops an alert every time the checked items in its Alert Settings are not followed or is missing.

For example, you don’t have an antivirus installed on your PC, Windows Security Center will pop a balloon alert in the system tray informing you of something that is lacking in your computer. Windows Security Center’s Alert Settings include:

  1. Firewall (alerts you if your firewall is disabled)
  2. Automatic Updates (Windows updates)
  3. Virus Protection (alerts you if no antivirus is installed, your antivirus definition is outdated, or your antivirus has expired)

In your case, your antivirus’ license has just expired. When your antivirus expires, its components are disabled automatically. Of course, in this case, Windows doesn’t detect any antivirus running and will eventually pop that security alert message.

The solution here is either renew you antivirus’ license key or uninstall it then replace it with other antivirus program. Please note that for an antivirus program to function more effectively, its virus definition should be regularly updated. Even if your antivirus is newly installed, but its virus definition is already 730 days old, your PC will be a nice breeding ground for viruses because your antivirus only recognizes virus signatures 2 years ago.

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