XP SP1 to SP2 will affect Antivirus?

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I have a computer in my home with windows XP SP 1 installed, I use Symantec antivirus to scan my computer and keep safe from spyware. I am planning to upgrade to SP2.

I request o tell me whether this up gradation will affect the Symantec products or not.

I could not get reliable info over the internet and hence seeking help from you.

Please help me so that I can update to SP2.

Thank you.

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XP SP1 to SP2 will affect Antivirus?


Hi Jiim

That depends on how you plan to upgrade.

If you upgrade directly from Microsoft update protocol then your files will be intact.

However, if you are upgrading using your installation CD then you should make backup and then reinstall your operating system. 

Either way all applications which worked on SP1 will work on SP2 so you can upgrade with no problems.

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XP SP1 to SP2 will affect Antivirus?


Hi Jiim May

Well It’ll depend on your Symantec product that you vary on your own.

Norton Antivirus/ Norton internet Security/ Norton Firewall/ Norton System Works
  1. Upgrading SP1 to SP2 will not make any affect on Norton internet security and its Firewall.
  2. Windows security center of SP2 will be aware that you have Norton Firewall or Norton Internet Security is installed.
  3. You can’t determine about Norton working status due to Symantec’s tamper protection technology. 
  4. Symantec has releases its updates which will add to the windows security center.
  5. It’ll report the status of your Symantec security application.
  6. This update has been included in Norton Firewall 2005 or Norton Internet security 2005.
  7. Live updates is available for Norton Firewall 2002 to 2004 and Norton internet security 2002 to 2004
  8. These updates will install on your windows XP.
  9. You have to install the windows security center unless these updates will not take any effect.
I hope you’ll be clear now about this concept. And you can easily upgrade to SP2.
Good Luck!
Johnstoon Leen

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