What is the best protection against “Stingray”?

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What is the best, easy to use, economical protection strategy against ‘Stingray’ surveillance system? How can someone know if Stingray or any controversial surveillance system is collecting personal and sensitive record on a cell phone or any other radio devices? What distinctive features should one look out for in an area that one suspect of some clandestine surveillance activity is going on?

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What is the best protection against “Stingray”?


Here are few of the Apps that were made to protect us from Stingray Surveillance.

1. Free OneShare.es-Is a self destruct Info App. You can customize the timeframe of the info that was sent for it to self destruct.

2. Free Red Phone-This App provides end-to-end encryption of your calls. It provides secure conversations using your phone.

3. Free Ghostery-This App shows you the hidden web cookies, tags, bugs, pixels and beacons. This App also gives you an option to block unwanted Ads.

4. Not Free SilentCircle-Similar with RedPhone.

5. Not Free 1Password-This creates strong, hard to decrypt passwords for every site, and it remembers them all for you. This provides convenience also as this enable you to log in a single tap.

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