Program to limit accessing the server

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How are you everyone? I am an investor with a team of personnel who would like to outsource some tasks, mainly involving windows, excel, PDF, Docs and other files. However, we would like our server to remain as confidential as possible from our outsourced team. Thus, my team tried using a web-based file hosting service to integrate the server so as to make everything current and supported so that the outsourced group can only have access to what we would like them to work on. Please give me more information and advice on this and more.

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Program to limit accessing the server



Hi Leonard Hurd,

It is indeed important confidence in one's company so to avoid it have your employees limit their access to the server by:

* Setting up your PC what areas should  have the limit  to access  the sensitive parts and not so important for your employee so your employees.

* Make an IP and domain name limitations.

* You can also limit the users by creating a usernames and passwords.

* Teach your employees to access the server you had just set up.

Hope this might help you.



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Program to limit accessing the server




You can make a web based interface with all the data you need to show for visitors with file uploading facility. You can issue a username and password for individual user or one for your team and the other for the outsourced team.

In either case user authentication is a must because if something went wrong or someone intentionally did damage to your server, at least you can know the person or team that done it. Also if you have decided which area of data should be accessed by each team or individual members, you can implement user role based access points as well.


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