What is the best photo viewer for ubuntu?

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Hello Fellows,

What is the best photo viewer for Ubuntu?

In my own opinion Ubuntu operating system is not a user friendly one but still I do love some of the features.

I need some suggestion regarding the best photo viewer which is compatible with this operating system.

I hope you can find ways to help me.


Christine Yong.

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What is the best photo viewer for ubuntu?


Dear Christine young,

GTHUMB is an extremely developed image viewer and browser. It has many functional features, for example file system browsing, slide show, web album establishment, image catalogs, camera import, image CD burning, batch file process and rapid image editing features like conversion and color handling. It is incorporated in Ubuntu by default. To begin it, select Applications > Graphics > gThumb Image Viewer. Its exceptional files are obtainable from Help > Contents.


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What is the best photo viewer for ubuntu?


Hi Christine,

I have read your question regarding the best photo viewer for Ubuntu. I have here some Image Viewers for Ubuntu.

1. Eye of GNOME (The Default App)

It has a basic interface that supports many formats and it can open and save to a greater amount of image formats by default. It offers basic image functions like rotating images, zoom in/out, and set as desktop background.

2. GPicView

GPicView is somehow has the same features of the default viewer but has slightly cleaner surface . GPicView has more speed and available with the Add/Remove. It does not require any specific desktop environment. It has GIF animation support, can be customized and has an extremely low memory footprint.

3. ViewNior

ViewNior is designed for the combination of ‘Eye Of Gnome’ (Default Ubuntu image viewer) for the functionality and quality. It is simple, fast and lightweight image viewer. Features of ViewNior are the following: can set the image as wallpaper, can flip, rotate, save or delete images, can view images full screen and can browse only the selected images. Most of all, ViewNior is very fast! Once you double click the image, it shows instantly.


GTUMB is easy to use and configure. It comes with the handy editing features like rotating, cropping and resizing of images.

For viewing pictures quickly, ViewNior’s speed makes it the best choice.

For looking for performance and features, Gthumb is the best.

Have a great day.

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What is the best photo viewer for ubuntu?


Gwenview is a most popular KDE picture viewer tool. It provides many plugins for picture editing, file browser, realizable thumbnails.

There is also a picture rating up to 5 stars.

Gwenview is fast viewer and KDE version has redesigned interface.It supports various image formats, including the popular PNG, JPG, BMP, TGA or XPM format.


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