What are those unknown Programs on Windows XP that can be deleted?

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I have recently posted a question about my problem with my laptop running slow. I've read all the suggested solution and tried those that can be done while online. However, I have another problem that needs help.

What I'm trying to do is to free my disk drives space from unnecessary software's or programs. So I go to Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs. As I've checked on it, I'm wondering what are those unknown Programs. I am wondering what are those and should I delete it? If I delete them, will it cause a major problem to my laptop, OS or application software's. 

To give you an exact idea of what are those programs, I've provided a screenshot of it below. The unknown programs is underlined in black lines. I want to know if those are important programs in my laptop and should not be deleted or remove.

What are the effects if I delete it?

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What are those unknown Programs on Windows XP that can be deleted?


Hi Igotinked

No one is stopping you from deleting these programs. But removing them will give you a lot of errors. Some programs depend on those programs that you want to delete. And if you delete them and tried to run the applications that need one of those programs the application will just request that you install that program again. And still if you want to delete them please check first if none of the programs that you are using are dependable to any of those that you want to delete.

And about your laptop running slow try Uninstalling games or any unnecessary applications that you are not using.

You can do this following steps to help your laptop stop running slow.

After using any internet browser always run a CCleaner and make it analyze all the data that you made in you had made internet browser and clean them all.

Or defrag your laptop. Got Start menu Click all programs then choose accessories and then System Tool, now click on disk defragment. “Check the attached image for the steps on defragment”

Defragment could take a lot of time. If possible try to defrag your laptop every month or at least every two month.

Good luck.

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What are those unknown Programs on Windows XP that can be deleted?


Let me start you off with .Net framework.

.Net is a framework for developing web-based and windows based applications within the Microsoft environment. In other words, it was created by Microsoft to build, deploy and run applications and services that use the .Net technologies like desktop applications and web services. It is an easy way for programmers to produce software. It is also intended to be used by most new applications created by the windows platform. Its advantages are mostly to developers since it is a programming model.

I wouldn’t recommend uninstalling it because some commercial software depend on the .Net framework to support their core functionality.  For example, Microsoft security essentials and intuit QuickBooks are applications that depend on .NET Framework for support.

The Microsoft compression client pack is an advanced compression technology used to efficiently download updates for windows. It is recommended to have this update so as to keep your system updated with the latest security updates released by Microsoft.

Microsoft visual C++ is a language for .Net Framework programming. Again the benefits can mostly be reaped by developers but it is part of the runtime software packages and removing it might interfere with the operation of other windows software.

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