RCINT failure. String Table ID not found. 45 at line 131

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I have installed Logon Studio on my XP machine, and I have been using it for over a year now without any errors.

Today, when I try to change my logon it gives me the error:


Parser Message

RCINT failure. String Table ID not found. '45' at line 131


Tried changing using other logon but gives me the same result. I have also uninstalled and re-installed Logon Studio but to no avail. Can anyone help me?


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RCINT failure. String Table ID not found. 45 at line 131


This error is due to the Installation of StyleXP. This error is not removing whether you uninstall the Logon Studio because it is a Parser Message which is a Registry Synchronization Error. Some files are also be placed in Windows Startup.

If you did not install StyleXP then do following;

1. Start=> Run => msconfig Press Enter.

System Configuration Utility Dialog Box will open.

2. In startup tab find the probable culprit. 

3. Uncheck the box to its name.

4. Apply and Ok.

This act will Disable the Logon Studio from the startup of the Windows. Means it will not load in Memory at Windows Startup.

Clean the Registry by Registry Cleaner Software. It Recovers and Remove all Un-necessary elements.

5. Restart.

If you install StyleXP then do followings;

Control Panel => User Accounts. Create a new Account. Soft Boot to System. Log in with new Account and delete all files found in StyleXP File searching. Log out and then Restart the system. Now log in with your usual user account (Administrator) and delete the new account you created before.

It is the abridged version of events as it took a lot of messing to get the point of problem.

After this, you must restore your computer to the recently made checkpoint.

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