What are the Operating Systems of the future and their uses?

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I am researcher of Computer Operating System I am interested new Operating system and their uses I want to know which future operating system will develop now am very crazy about that ?Please tell me brief description if any one know.

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What are the Operating Systems of the future and their uses?


Hi Gregory,

Presently computer users do encounter some difficulties when installing new hardware and software as a result of technical issues. Therefore, we should expect to see many wizards integrated into the operating system, which will carry out tasks such as automatically cleaning up systems, simplification of installment processes of software and hardware and deleting unwanted files.

Today many users also do encounter problems with file transfers between platforms. In the nearest future these tasks will be simplified and made non-technical by operating system that is capable of differentiating not-native file formats and carry out translations automatically into a configuration that will be supported by the native platform.

Work is also in progress to integrate operating system with browser features. If successful, you will not need to open a separate browser to access the web directly from the operating system.

These are some of the changes that can occur in the future.

I hope I have answered your question.

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