What are Drive Speed when burning files in CD/ DVD

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I’m just wondering what does 32x, 16x etc. that you can see on the option when burning files in CDs/DVDs? I know that these are drive speeds but what are the differences between these speeds when burning data, mp3 etc. does it affects the files being written? If it does, what are the safe drive speeds when burning into CD/DVD?

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What are Drive Speed when burning files in CD/ DVD


Well actually, these drive speeds are the transfer rates of the data from the source to the CD-ROM (when burning) and the access times of CD-ROM drives. When burning any kind of file to CD and you see 8x or 32x or any kind of speed, those are the speed of the CD/DVD that it can handle. It is best to burn files specially applications onto a lower drive speed. Sometimes the files can be corrupted during the burning process or unable to read the files when you burn it at a maximum seeds.

If you want to know more about the drive speeds and its transfer rates, refer to list below.

Drive Speed                            Transfer Rate (bytes/sec)        Access Time (micro/sec)

Single speed or 1x                   153,600                                   400

Double speed or 2x                 307,200                                   300

Triple speed or 3x                   460                                            200

Quad speed or 4x                    614,400                                   150

Six speed or 6x                       921,600                                    150

Eight speed or 8x                    1,228,800                                100

Ten speed or 10x                     1,536,000                                100

Twelve speed or 12x               1,843,200                                100

Sixteen speed or 16x               2,457,600                                100

Eighteen speed or 18x             2,764,800                                90

Twenty four speed or 24x       3,686,400                                 90

Thirty two speed or 32x          4,915,200                                 85

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What are Drive Speed when burning files in CD/ DVD


Hi there!

The quality of files you are writing on the CD/DVD is affected by the speed of writing that is used. Using fast writing speed may save time but it can cause errors on the data written in the process. To ensure that the written data on you CD/DVD are accurate and free from errors, use writing speed lower than the indicated highest writing speed of your CD writer.

The indicated speeds in CDs/DVDs like 32X means that this CD/DVD is 32 times faster than 1X CD/DVD. Audio CDs are the first CDs made which contains 70 minutes of play time. A 1X CD-ROM would be able to read completely an Audio CD (containing 70 minutes of play time) 70 minutes. Thus, if we say that a CD-ROM/writer has a speed of 32X, then that would take the CD-ROM/writer to read an Audio CD 2.2 minutes.

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