I want to know why hd2 get bad block

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Hello there techies. Although I don't have any issues with it right now, I performed an error test to check any bad blocks in my hd2 and I found 2. They say few bad blocks are dismissible. I just want to make sure that I won't be having any problem with my device soon. I want to know why hd2 get bad block? Are there any measures to prevent more bad blocks in the future? Thank you very much.

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I want to know why hd2 get bad block


Hello Dear Stanton Snider,

Dear Bad Blocks are physical damages on the platters of hard disk.

As you said that some bad blocks are dismiss able so it means that some bad blocks can be repaired.

I am going to post a link of its repairing software. You should use HDD Regenerator to repair these bad blocks.

Download Link

If you want to prevent it from further bad blocks, please make sure that do not turn off your computer suddenly. Shut down it properly.

Prevent your computer from restarts.

So that you will be safe from these bad blocks.

I hope you got your answer.


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I want to know why hd2 get bad block


The bad blocks on a hard drive is the result of the drive’s wear and tear. Sometimes it will appear if the drive has been shut down incorrectly like when the computer suddenly turns off. If you frequently use your computer and you always shut it down properly but a bad block still appeared, this can be a sign of aging.

You don’t need to worry if your hard drive has several bad blocks or a bad block suddenly appeared. Though bad blocks can never be removed, it can always be patched by scanning your hard drive with CHKDSK, the built-in disk utility of Microsoft Windows. When a bad block is detected, CHKDSK patches that sector on the drive and marks it as unusable.

This protects your files and data from getting written to that damaged sector of the drive. Bad blocks are unavoidable. No matter how careful you are, bad blocks will still appear in your drive in the long run.

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