Common causes that affects computer to become slow

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My computer seems to be running slow than usual. Whenever I open an application, it takes longer to respond and sometimes my application hangs-up. My internet connection is also slow. I noticed it when I downloaded a small file on the internet, it should only take a minute or two, but it took me more than 15 minutes. My computer also freezes and I’m not able to move the mouse and use the keyboard.

What is causing these problems on my computer? I already ran a Antiviruses scan, and also defrag my hard drives, but it doesn’t help. My computer is still slow.

Thank you.

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Common causes that affects computer to become slow


There are many factors affecting your computer performance.

1. Hard drive space. Do not use up all your hard drive space. There must be a 200MB or more remaining space in your hard drive to be able to handle temporary files and for swap files that is used for storing information. To recover some space in your hard drive you must run the disk cleanup. Right click on the drive and click properties, under General tab click the “Disk Cleanup” button.

2. Remove or Uninstall programs that you are not using anymore. It will free some space on your hard drive.

3. Disable the hibernation on your computer. It will free s huge amount space on your hard drive.

4. Malware is the most common cause why computer is becoming slow. If your Antivirus cannot detect any Malware on your computer then try using another Antivirus. There is a free Antivirus from Microsoft which is the Microsoft Security Essentials. You can download it directly from their website.

5. Disable unnecessary programs on startup. Access the system configuration, type msconfig on the search field or run found on start menu. Select the “Startup” tab and then uncheck the programs that you don’t need like IM’s that you can access through start menu or short cuts on desktop.

6. If your computer does not have enough memory then you might add additional RAM to speed up your computer.

7. Install utility tools like CCleaner to clean your computer and remove invalid entries on the registries.

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Common causes that affects computer to become slow


Following are some of main causes of the computer to become slow.

  1. Virus Infection
  2. Low System Specification
  3. Junk Data in system
  4. Background running programs.
  5. Junk entries in Registry. etc

You can speed up a slow running computer by:

  1.  Cleaning system junk
  2.  Optimizing computer services
  3.  Repairing registry
  4.  Defraging registry
  5.  Clearing browsers junk

Do these things with some secure tool such as Intel Software Partner Reginout.

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