What are the chkdsk tools error checking software?

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There are ways that can determine the error of the Hard Disk Drive that can cause bad sectors and many more. Windows XP provides the way to check the disk error by clicking the Hard disk drive’s properties. According to computer geeks and software makers, there are tools that can check the Hard Disk Drive if there is an error. 

So guys, here is my question. What is the chkdsk tools error checking software that has been made through the top of the list? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.
Brant Joseph

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What are the chkdsk tools error checking software?


Hello Brant Joseph,

There are many Hard Drive Disk error checking software like:

1) Seagate Sea Tools.

2) Hitachi Drive Fitness Test.

3) Microsoft Built In error checking.

4) Samsung HUTIL.

5) Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic.

6) Fujitsu Diagnostic Tool.

7) Bart's Stuff Test.

Top of them is Seagate Sea Tools it has a rating of 4/5 by many PC software websites. It comes in two versions "Seagate Sea Tools For DOS" and "Seagate Sea Tools For Windows".

Seagate Sea Tool For DOS is more powerful than the other Version but a little difficult to use.

Seagate Sea Tool For Windows is easy to install and user friendly. You can do basic or advanced testing of any kind of Hard Drive ( its not necessary that the hard drive must be of Seagate or Maxtor origin) either internal or external.

Seagate Sea Tool is free here are some links





Note: If your drive fails any of the tests than you have to replace the Hard Drive.


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What are the chkdsk tools error checking software?


First of all, you can run a Check Disk on your Windows to scan and fix the errors on your hard drive. For other ways to check your hard drive for errors, you can use any of the software below:

1. Ariolic Disk Scanner – this is a free and handy utility that will check your HD for reads errors and sectors.

2. HDDScan – this is also free that can test your HD for errors. It supports USB drive, Firewire and RAID.

3. Windows Surface Scanner – this will help you scan and finds the bad sectors on your HD.

4. SeaTools – this is designed for Seagate HD but it can be used with other brands. And it supports various kinds of hard drives.


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What are the chkdsk tools error checking software?


Hello Brant Joseph,

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