Cheap Yet Effective Home Server Software

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I want to set up my own home server software to study about web hosting and even host my own website. I would like a cheap, yet easily configurable home server software. Is it possible to obtain an operating system for free and all the needed components will also be free? I'm still a student and buying a Microsoft Server license would be too expensive for me.

What home server software set-up would you suggest?

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Cheap Yet Effective Home Server Software


Hello Ariel Chu.

For your web hosting needs, I suggest a virtual machine and Linux.  You can actually install Linux on any old computer if you have one but in case you have a fairly powerful computer with at least 2 GB of RAM, then you can install a virtual machine and set up Linux there.  I recommend Virtualbox as a virtual machine because it is easy to use, supports many operating systems, and is freeware.  You can find excellent documentation and instructions from the Virtualbox web site ( to get you up and running in no time.

I suggest you use Fedora for the Linux OS because its DVD ISO already contains most of the files necessary to set up a web server using Apache, an SQL database (MySQL or PostgreSQL), and PHP.

Hope this helps!


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