What is all about msdos for s60?

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Hi guys,

What is all about msdos for s60? I have this new Nokia s60 mobile phone device; it is cool and full of entertaining features such as games, important application and more. I am just wondering if the programmers did use some msdos configuration while developing this kind of mobile device model. Tell me more about this.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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What is all about msdos for s60?





You can have MS DOS on your Nokia S60 phone.

Recently they have launched project called Dosbox project which has MS dos feature.

Some of people are most excited about getting chance to play their favorite old DOS games so Dosbox is probably going to be useful for user who love to use DOS futures



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What is all about msdos for s60?


There is no such thing as MS-DOS for Symbian because they are two different platforms. MS-DOS or simply DOS is the earliest operating system that runs on the computer. While Symbian is another type of platform that mainly runs on the mobile phone. If you want to run DOS-based games and programs on Windows, you can download and use DOSBox.

It is a DOS emulator that will allow you to run any DOS-based programs right within Microsoft Windows. Symbian is not a program that you can run in DOS environment. Symbian is a platform or low-level operating system that handles the hardware and middleware that extract some of these services to the developers and on top of it is the GUI system.

The GUI system is not directly licensed by Symbian with the operating system. It’s up to every phone manufacturer to develop its own GUI or to license a GUI platform that is able to run on top of the operating system. There are currently three major GUI systems: UIQ, Nokia Series 60, and Nokia Series 80.

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