My Samsung galaxy S4 behaving weirdly

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I have Samsung galaxy S4, bought it a year ago. It is giving me problems for the last few days, it shows the battery is full and when I turn on the Wi-Fi or the Internet the battery drains suddenly and phone switches off, then after charging it for hours, it restarts but the problem prevails. What should be done?

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My Samsung galaxy S4 behaving weirdly


Hi Tomas,

The battery will drain faster in any Android device while you switch on the Internet or Wi-Fi. However, it shouldn't just suddenly switch off the phone. You can try to solve the issue by following these precautions-

1. Try to use the latest android version available for your phone. If there is an update, update it.

2. Perform a factory reset.

3. Keep your phone uncharged until it drops down to zero percent.

4. Charge your phone fully before switching it on.

5. Switch off Bluetooth, Location service, push notification, etc. and only then turn on the Internet or Wi-Fi.

Hopefully your battery will perform better. If not, your only way is to replace your current battery.


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