Need information about Web Development and CSS Programming

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I am starting to use HTML for web development as it is basic for HTML.

But I am in fix with CSS. What is CSS?

What the need of CSS?

How I use it. How I write the code?

I am just confused. I do not understand this CSS thing. For this reason my learning is hampered. I can not proceed that much.

Can any please give me a brief upon CSS?

Please I am waiting for good answer

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Need information about Web Development and CSS Programming


Hello Dear Mavrick,

Welcome to new trend of programming that is web development. You are starting with HTML, that’s good. CSS is the most used part in web pages. Let me clear for you.

Cascading Style Sheet is called as CSS in short. CSS is very important part of HTML. You can develop a webpage with HTML but CSS gives it to design. You can design your website as you wanted by using CSS. HTML and CSS are no use without one of them. You can use CSS only when you use HTML and vice versa.

CSS has its own way to write. As HTML use tags to encode similarly CSS files need to be created. You can use any CSS file in HTML page through tags.

In beginning of any programming language it may seem difficult to understand its module but in the case of these two this would not be happened. Both of these languages are easy to encode. You can get thousands of materials over net upon these two.

I suggest you to start with In this site you can find these languages in very easy words. Once you triggered than you can make your own way. I hope my answer will help you. 

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Need information about Web Development and CSS Programming


Hello Mavrick,

CSS is a great way to be able to control the appearance of your web site much easier than just using HTML. Cascading Style Sheets are external file sheets that you will create and keep with your HTML coded pages that include codes for font-size, font-color, H1 tags etc. You create the CSS page as you would an HTML page with coding (more on that in a minute).

Say you want all of the headers in your whole web site to be a certain font size and color. Instead of typing the code in every HTML page for that style, you will put it in the CSS page and then APPLY that CSS page to your HTML coded page to control the appearance of ALL your headers. You can also put your CSS information in the head section of your HTML file. 

As far as writing the code, it is actually pretty easy to learn. If you have good HTML (even basic) knowledge, CSS should not be a problem. Just don't let it overwhelm you :). There are two main parts of the CSS structure. The DECLARATION and the SELECTOR. The selector will identify what you are trying to manipulate, and the declaration will be what style you apply to that element.

I suggest downloading the free trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver and looking at examples and tinkering around with it yourself. I think once you get started you will find it very helpful, and it will come as easily as HTML.

Remember. CSS lets you set the parameters of the styles of your web site within one page of code attached to your HTML. I hope this information was useful to you, and good luck.




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