Way to backup my ITunes Library, which is 425 GBs

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Hi experts,

I want to backup my ITunes Library, which is 425 GBs.

Also, the destination amount is a 500 GB outer HD.

Moreover, there is a CCC archive file on the target drive that is acquiring about 80GB's, but I am not sure what need to be done.

"nnThanks,n[your name]nn****nError codes: 43 : 1602 : 28nError: rsync: receive_data: write failed on "/Volumes/iTunes Backup/Mobile Applications/AIM 5.0.6.ipa": No space left on device (28)nAdvice: Delete some items from the destination volume and empty the Trash to free up some space, then try the backup task again. If you have configured CCC to archive modified or deleted items, consider applying a more liberal archive pruning setting to free up space before the next backup task.n"

Please help me.


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Way to backup my ITunes Library, which is 425 GBs


I am sure you are having thing problem because you have CCC configured to archive modified and deleted items and not rather periodical manage that content can be archived.

You can also delete schedule on the task then you select a source with a CCC destination on the main window. Then you select "Temporarily archive modify and delete items" After all this then you click on "Scheduled this task".

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