“Warning: while decoding this file Opera encountered errors”.

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For the last three years I was using (POP) mail.  Yesterday I just made an up-gradation of my opera browser. It was upgraded to the version 11.62.

Since then in some emails I have been getting the text section of the email blank along with the following error message, saying.

 "Warning: while decoding this file Opera encountered errors".

I can’t understand what is going on. Can you? Please help asap.

Thanks for the help.

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“Warning: while decoding this file Opera encountered errors”.


Sometimes, the antivirus software creates problems by deleting the spamming link or virus containing the file, so you must check that your antivirus is not responsible for it. If receiving the message from Opera mail is the only problem and everything else is okay, there is no real harm in that. Sometimes, the message body and attachments are absent, so that may also create a problem.

You can also do it for viewing this type of mail:

Open a text editor or Notepad. In the notepad, choose the “find and replace” option and swap out every instance of “multipart/alternative” with “text/html; charset=utf-8”, so that it makes the headers say that all the messages were HTML. I also leaves in the “boundary=random number” line, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Opera. When you import all the mail, it shows up in HTML format without any errors.

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