Opera Next 12.00 build 1433

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I’ve got the news of the release of new version of opera,Opera Next 12.00 build 1433.

If I try out the new features added to this version,

Is it going to affect the existing installation?

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Opera Next 12.00 build 1433



You can try the new features of Opera Next 12.00 without affecting the existing version from your computer. Opera Next was built to provide a separate installation.

These versions are released for a period of pre-testing, in other words, they need to be checked for bugs as soon as possible without interacting with older versions of the same browser already installed on your PC. Opera Next's icon on your desktop will be silver grey so you can access either of the two browsers without confusing them.

Another fact is that bookmarks saved in Opera Next will not appear in your primary version.

I hope my advice will be helpful.

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Opera Next 12.00 build 1433


Of course, that’s how upgrading works. When you upgrade your existing version to the latest, you are actually uninstalling the old or existing version and installing the new version. When you install the latest version, this is what the setup wizard actually does. While installing the update, it preserves or the process preserves your custom configuration and existing data so nothing is removed.

It is only the web browser that gets replaced and your browser data and settings are left intact. The normal Opera browser and Opera Next are different. When you have the normal Opera browser or what they call Opera Stable, you can install Opera Next and run it independently. The two do not mix.

That’s why when you have Opera Stable and Opera Next installed on your computer, when you upgrade Opera Next, it is only Opera Next that gets upgraded. Use Opera for your day-to-day browsing activities. If you want to experiment with the latest features, use Opera Next. If you love doing experiments with Opera Next, head down to Opera Next 24 to download version 24.0.1558.51.

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