Want To Know The Excel Multiplication Formula

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I am a student, and I am learning Microsoft office. While working on excel, I got stuck in calculations as I don’t know how to multiply quantities in excel. I want your guidance for excel multiplication formula.

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Want To Know The Excel Multiplication Formula


Conducting multiplications in excel are the simpler calculations to be performed. It does not take much time to learn the excel multiplication formula. Yes, excel formulas are a bit different from that of we use in our mathematics class, but the difference lies in the representation of the formula. The calculation remains the same. To know the excel multiplication formula, here it is –

1.) Always start your formula in excel with = sign.

2.) If you have quantities as 4 and 3 to be multiplied, then the formula for multiplication would be =4*3, and if you have three quantities say 3,4,10, then it will be =4*3*10.

This is how the multiplication in excel works.

3.) In case, you have the quantities in 3 different cells named B1, B2 and B3 and multiply them, then the formula will be =B1*B2*B3.

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