Want recovery from hanging and slowness.

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My pc gets hang up after running some times.After recovery it becomes slow.How to solve the problem?

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Want recovery from hanging and slowness.


Hy John,

PC may works slow for various reason. Here I sharing some main reason which makes our PC slow.

Reason :

  • Your PC may works slow for your low memory RAM and Hard Drive
  • It may works slow for setup or installed a lot of software where most of are useless.
  • PC may affects in virus.
  • Unnecessary files and shortcut also may hang your pc
  • PC may slow for cooling fan/ adjustor fan problem.

Solution :

  • You should upgrade your RAM and Hard Drive
  • You should uninstall remove unnecessary software from your computer.
  • You should clean you pc by any well known anti virus
  • Click start > run> and then type recent, prefetch, temp, %temp%, catroot, catroot2 and then delete all files.
  • Click start > run> and then type tree, chkdsk
  • You should use a stand fan to make cool environment for your PC
  • You should defragment your hard disk every weak.






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Want recovery from hanging and slowness.



You did not include any explanation whether your computer was infected before or not. The computer’s sluggishness behavior is sometimes due to the fact that it got infected with a virus before. If this happens, sometimes even if you successfully wiped the system from any trace of the infection the system still becomes very slow and unstable. This is because of the programs that Windows runs that got modified in the height of the infection.

It’s very hard to predict whether it is the system files that got modified or some of the software that you installed. Since reinstalling the operating system gives a lot of work, the only best solution to this is to optimize the computer’s performance. You can do this by cleaning the Windows registry with a registry cleaner, cleaning the hard drive for temporary files, deleting not so important files, emptying the recycle bin, uninstalling some of the software that you rarely used, and defragmenting your hard drive to improve the operating system’s performance. Do these things on a regular basis, like for example once a month, to keep your system in good condition. The last option is to format the hard drive and install Windows again if all these things didn’t help.

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