The volume “Filesystem root” has only 0 bytes disk space remaining

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Hi all,

I am getting this odd error message in the laptop after the system upgrade. Recently I did hardware and software upgrade in the system. Until this error message, everything was good. I do not understand where I went wrong please help me to find the cause of the error. Thanks in advance.

Low Disk Space

The volume “Filesystem root” has only 0 bytes disk space remaining.

You can free up disk space by removing unused programs or files, or by moving files to another disk or partition.

Don’t show any warning again for this file system.

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The volume “Filesystem root” has only 0 bytes disk space remaining


Ubuntu is a nice Linux OS, in fact, the best of all. But such error shouldn’t come out. In order to fix this issue, first, check that your disk have sufficient space.

  1. Start a terminal.
  2. Run this command:

Check out your “/dev/sda1” drive. If it is full, either you have to clean some files from it or resize the partition.

It is the best idea to resize the partition so that you can avoid losing any sensitive data and causing system crash. Download GParted. Create a bootable CD/DVD or a USB stick, boot from it and then resize the partition “/dev/sda1”.

You can also install GParted from command line. “sudo apt-get install gparted” command will install GParted on your system and help you resize the partition.

If you wish to delete several files, it is dangerous and not recommended because the partition is the root directory and contains many system configuration files. If you intend to delete files, do at your own risk.

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