Vista force to restart issue

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Vista forces to restart every morning. It started about a couple of days ago. Every morning at 8:00 a message shows up saying "A program has finished running and requires that your computer be restarted" and the only options to choose from is hide and restart, you can't prevent from restarting.

My question is, what is that program that has finished running and why would it require the windows to restart? It is really annoying. How can I fix this?

Thank you.

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Vista force to restart issue


Hi there,

You definitely have some virus / Malware present in your system which is causing this problem. First of all you need to make sure that you have a worthy Antivirus/ Anti Malware installed in your PC, with all the latest updates. Though there are many security software that offer their services for free, for home users it is better for you to do a little research on using an appropriate one.

I have always used C-Net as a reliable source to identify the most suitable product. For your situation I would recommend that you go to this website, look at their reviews and install to your liking. Windows security software.

After an installation or update of your exiting Antivirus make sure you do a full system scan

Hope this will solve your problem.

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Vista force to restart issue


It may be some up date is set to your computer which updates it self daily at 8:00 Am and once the update is done i asks to restart your computer. Or it can be a scheduled task also you can see both of the options and then you can solve the problem.

First thing to see is that there is no up date set to your computer on this time you need to check for all of your programs and make sure that they are not set for any update at 8:00 AM daily. Second thing you can check is that is there any scheduled tasks set for this time you can go to control panel and the to scheduled tasks to see that how many scheduled tasks are set and if you find one that is set on this time then you can delete this schedule time or you can even change it with some other settings. I am sure you are now able to solve your problem.

Karen cruise.

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