Mouse and the keyboard with Win 2000 and Vista OS?

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Hello, I recently purchased a PC on which Vista Ultimate was installed. I had some softwares that were installed on the Win 2000 and not working on the Vista Ultimate. Is there any way that I can share monitor, mouse and the keyboard with Win 2000 and Vista OS?

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Mouse and the keyboard with Win 2000 and Vista OS?


Is your Windows 2000 installed on a different computer? If that is the case then I am afraid that you can ever think of sharing your monitor, mouse and keyboard with both OS running on different Physical Systems.

But there is a way that you can get that software working in VISTA again. For this try the following steps.

-Download the VMWARE.

-VMWARE is a virtual machine in which you can install an OS within an OS. For example, you can run any type of windows, Linux in it and still running the VISTA as your main OS.

-VMWARE is basically a program. After downloading it, install it on your PC.

Now comes the tricky part.

-When installed open it and it will ask you if you want to install any OS.

-Insert your Windows 2000 CD and it will detect it.

-While installing, it will ask you to share some system resources with it.

-Just give 512MB RAM, 20-40GB hard disk space and 1 PC Core to it. It has nothing to do with your original VISTA OS. These resources will only be used when the VMWARE is running.

Once done installing the Windows 2000, it will launch the Windows 2000. Just install that software back in Windows 2000 and you will be able to access it with the same Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard.

There are few other settings too that you need to do like enabling your CDROM for Windows 2000 instead of VISTA. Because only 1 OS can use it at a time. But it is very easy as VMWARE will send you pop ups to setup this thing. Just follow those steps and you will be happy.

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