VirtualBox Error BLKCACHE_IOERR: Windows 7 on Ubunto host

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I have finished the installation process of Windows 7 operating system on VirtualBox (Ubuntu host). But when I try to start the PC, I find this error:

An error has occurred during virtual machine executions The error
details are shown below. You may try to correct the error and resume
the virtual machine execution.

The I/O cache encountered an error while updating data in medium
"ahcl-OO" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL). Make sure there is enough free
space on the disk and that the disk is working properly. Operation
can be resumed afterwards.

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VirtualBox Error BLKCACHE_IOERR: Windows 7 on Ubunto host


Hi Silver.

The error message you are getting undoubtedly indicates that there's a lack of drive space. Remove some snapshots if you have those.  To get more space for your virtual machine, you will have to create or map another virtual hard drive to your Windows 7 virtual machine and use Windows 7 disk management to either set up that additional hard disk as a secondary drive (drive D) or use it to extend your Drive C.

As of now, Virtualbox does not have a feature for resizing virtual hard disks so the above suggestion would be your only option.

Hope this helps!

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